Печатная реклама "Пиар" для Samsung
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О проекте

Samsung: Пиар

Над проектом работали:

Рекламодатель: Samsung Electronics
Бренд: Samsung
Страна: Украина
Агентство: Кинограф
Рубрики: промо
Категории: Мобильные телефоны
Опубликовано: Март 2010

Творческая команда:

Руководитель проекта: Кокошко Любовь
Дизайнер: Рябошлык Мария
Копирайтер: Черных Константин
Креативный директор: Кокошко Виталий

Category: Best Use of Integrated Media
Date of First Appearance: Mar 1 2010
Media placement: Viral Internet Teaser - Internet - November 2010
Media placement: TV Spot - TV, Internet - March 2010
Media placement: OOH - OOH - March 2010

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
SAMSUNG launches the new DUOS B5722 mobile phone (Russia and Ukraine) and grants EVROSET special retail sales rights. General phone sales dropped due to crisis. The main goal of SAMSUNG’s communication was to stimulate maximum demand for the new model, and EVROSET strived to hold its share of a stagnating market. Previously Duos were positioned as “an affordable phone to save money”. The price of B5722 was above average, so it needed a new, premium image developed. EVROSET has always been known for its bright provocative advertising, but previous year marketing projects didn’t draw that much attention. TA, the socially active young people like to share hot news with friends, especially concerning celebrities. Their main source of information is Internet over TV. The story of the rowdy Russian celebrity Kseniya Sobchak changing SIM-cards while driving and crashing into the EVROSET shop-window created buzz, drew public interest to the campaign and strengthened the image of both brands.

Creative Execution
The integrated campaign was built around Sobchak's car crash. It was carried out step-by-step using a unique solution for each communication channel: Step 1. Teaser. A video story about Kseniya Sobchak’s accident at EVROSET store was placed on the Internet, one month before the TV-commercial was aired. The viral teaser on the Internet created the intrigue before the start of the ATL campaign and supported the interest in it during the whole communication. Step 2. Disclosure. The intrigue was exposed with the release of TV commercials. When the TV spot was aired, the discussion on the internet received a new momentum. Indoor/outdoor supported the plot of TV ad, but in this case Ksenya Sobchak was crashing the city light. Step 3. Trail. The viewer is always more interested in the backstage and it’s the Internet where the most active discussions of celebrity lives and scandals are held. The publication of a making-of movie gave rise to a new wave of buzz.

Results and Effectiveness
The online campaign, which didn’t cost a Rouble, gathered over 400 publications on Russian and Ukrainian news and entertainment sites. Total campaign coverage reached 11,000,000 people mark.
Integrated use of media channels granted additional coverage of more than 3% of the target audience.
Within less than a week following launch on TV Duos made the top 20 best selling models of SAMSUNG.
SAMSUNG Duos share in EVROSET portfolio made 2.8% at its sales peak, which exceeded the estimated 0.7% 4-fold. After the end of the campaign the model steadily holds its 1.4% EVROSET increased market share by 1.2 p.p.